SAT-Swim Australia Teacher

Junior Squad and Assistant Coach

This coach is qualified to deliver basic training sessions that develop the swimming technique of novice and junior swimmers – this is generally defined as swimmers 12- years and under who are still acquiring the skills needed to compete successfully. The coach may work independent of any supervision as they are fully qualified to provide such instructional training. Coaches at this level are also encouraged to work with older swimmers (i.e. to gain valuable ‘on-the-job’ training), but only as an ‘assistant coach’ under the supervision of a coach with appropriate qualifications.

Bronze Coach

This coach is competent to plan, conduct and evaluate a range of training programs suitable for the diverse range of ages and swimming abilities found among registered Club swimmers. A Bronze Coach must plan and supervise training for multiple squad units to best prepare swimmers of different ages, abilities, and competition goals to achieve their potential. All Bronze Coaches should have the skills to prepare swimmers for Club, District and State (or higher) level competitions. Bronze is the accepted standard for coaches implementing a diverse Swim Club program.

Silver Coach

This coach is competent to plan, conduct and evaluate advanced training programs suitable for swimmers competing at State and Australian Age Championship (or higher) level competitions. A Silver Coach has demonstrated the ability to train swimmers who have achieved National Age qualifying times. The Silver Coach should have the skills to structure a complex training environment that allows for a progression from Club and State level competitions to success at the National level.

Gold Coach

This coach is competent to plan, conduct and evaluate advanced training programs suitable for swimmers competing at Australian Open Championships (or higher) level competitions. The Gold Coach should have the experience and knowledge to provide coaching leadership and serve in a mentoring or educational role to assist coaches at lower levels. Qualified swimming coaches may apply for a Swimming Coach’s Licence under the guidelines set by Swimming Australia Ltd and implemented by the Australian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association (ascta). Being a member of ascta also means the coach is a member of Swimming Australia Ltd. and subject to all member welfare policies as well as ascta’s code of conduct. ascta members also gain access to an insurance scheme, professional development programs, discounts on educational products, and regularly receive print/electronic information. Coaches licenced by Swimming Australia/ascta receive a ‘licence card’ that is re-issued annually (i.e.1 July through 30June of the following year).

Competency Statements

At the completion of this Training Program the Coach will be able to :

• Analyse and modify stroke technique for improved performance
• Implement training strategies to improve all physiological and psychological capacities
• Develop and implement race strategies to improve performance
• Implement the principles of physiological adaptation within a training program, accounting for age and maturational considerations
• Develop and implement a seasonal plan to improve performance
• Plan and implement education programs for swimmers to include basic principles of nutrition, physiology, biomechanics, psychology, swimmer self-management and drugs awareness
• Access appropriate human and other resources to enhance program delivery
• Understand the holistic approach to swimmer development
• Align talent identification and assessment strategies with a long-term swimmer development
• Work effectively with Club administration to promote and develop the sport of swimming and the Club environment